Does the Cora Ball work?

Does the Cora Ball work?

We first found out about the Cora Ball through Kickstarter and have followed its journey since. We love its design and the fact that it mimics the purpose of corals in reefs. We even wonder if a giant version of the Cora Ball can solve some of our water pollution issues in our lakes, rivers, and oceans?

Before we started carrying the Cora Ball in our store, we bought it and have put it to the test using it on many loads of laundry. 

We washed cotton loads, wool loads, cotton and polyester blends, and synthetic fiber blends like fleece, faux fur, acrylic, etc.

After our first couple of loads, it was easy to feel disappointed to see there was zero or almost no lint or microfiber caught. But we didn't give up! This design was tested and so we were still positive that the science is there and it should work.

An accidental discovery took place when my husband, who loves to shove everything in the dryer, ended up putting one of the Cora Balls in the dryer by mistake. Although the manufacturer said it was okay to do this, I always took care not to put the Cora Ball in the dryer. But what this did to the Cora Ball was, for lack of scientific explanation, a miracle!

I'm not a scientist so don't quote me on this but what could have possibly happened is that when the Cora Ball was inside the dryer, the heat created small static charges between the stalks. Since then, the Cora Ball has been more efficient in catching microfibers from the wash. So the lesson learned? Don't be afraid to put the Cora Ball in the dryer along with your laundry.

If you have a good mix of fibrous-type textile such as faux-fur, wool, fleece, etc., you will definitely see the collection of microfiber sooner than later. These are the types of fabrics that have the most microfiber release during washes. 

Cora Balls can also collect human or pet hair and fur from clothing during the wash. But this is not Cora Ball's main purpose. These are not synthetic fibres so they are not a concern for collection. If they get collected into the ball, they serve as further filter in catching the other microfibres, so that's a plus!

If your loads of laundry are polyester blends, silks or anything smooth, you may not see collection of microfibers as these fabrics will not shed. Spaghetti straps or stringy things will get caught so take care not to put these in your laundry load when using the Cora Ball.

The verdict is in... after many types and loads of laundry. What we discovered is that the design of the Cora Ball actually works very well at catching microfibers in the wash!

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