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I want to start the 2017 blog series with a whimsy! Of course our store name, Unicorn Baby gives it all away. So why Unicorn Baby? If you’ve ever believe in unicorns, you will fall in love with our store. Do unicorns exist? For the inquiring adult mind, it may just be a myth. But for the child wanderer, unicorns DO exist. And they actually do more than just exist. They make dreams come true and make the impossible, possible. Believe it! Unicorns come from ancient mythology in both western and eastern philosophies. According to definitions and descriptions of this creature, the unicorn yields power that is unmatched. It is a symbol of purity and innocence. Unicorns are majestic creatures  and  they are also fun and colorful.

To celebrate the fancy of the unicorn, we will always have unicorn-themed products in our boutique. Fun items include unicorn keychains and plush toys from GUND. You will find them in our Unicorns live Here collection.

We even have unicorn-themed cloth diapers and accessories from Applecheeks from their Unicornucopia collection. Applecheeks, a Canadian cloth diaper company based out of Montreal, understand the love for unicorns and they have paid tribute to it with this beautiful print released late in 2016. Get them while supplies last! These diapers are limited edition and if you know Applecheeks, you will understand.

We have also teamed up with our namesake, Unicorn Baby Clean from Virginia. They carry fabric and wool cleaning products. Their line is excellent on cloth diapers because their products are designed to deep clean without the harsh ingredients you will find in your regular grocery store laundry detergents. We feature Unicorn Clean’s Beyond Clean and Power Scour. Give their products a try, you won’t be disappointed and your cloth diapers will come out smelling fresh and clean without the barn yard stink!

And those who participated in helping us select our logo, you would be happy to know that our gatekeeper unicorn is also a featured star in our Organic Cotton Unicorn Baby T-shirt collection coming soon! Although you only see her silhouette in our official logo, on our t-shirts, she comes to life! She is a beauty. We can't wait to share with you this beautiful unicorn. 

We have more unicorns joining us soon so stay tuned!

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