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Koaino Eco Lip Balm

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Since I was a teenager, I always wondered why lip balms were packaged in a plastic tube? I despised the idea of throwing away my used lip balm tubes and always wondered if they ever really get recycled when I put them in the recycling bin! I always wished one day that lip balm will be packaged in cardboard tubes. Well, here we are....

Koaino Eco Lip Balm has made my wish come true! This is one of the best lip balms you'll ever use. Guaranteed!

They are made in Clarence, Ontario, Canada. Not only locally-sourced, but this product is lovingly made from simple and natural ingredients.

Eco Lip Balm 5.65 grams

Ingredients:  Organic sunflower seed oil, organic cocoa butter, beeswax and essential oil.  
Packaged in a compostable paperboard tube with zero plastic!

Available in 5 flavours:  Orange, Bergamot, Peppermint, Natural (unflavoured/does not contain essential oil) and Lemon-Ginger


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