About Us

Thank you for visiting our baby and mommy online boutique! Unicorn Baby was inspired by my passion to be a part of a wonderful community of mothers locally and online.
I consider myself and my husband blessed with a unicorn baby. We struggled with infertility for 8 years and decided to throw in the towel, accepting that we may never become parents. Yet after that, we were greeted with an unbelievable surprise. Our beautiful daughter came into our lives, 8 years later, in a blaze of glory, perfect, just in the time that the gracious Lord has intended for all of us.
Today she's a bubbly, giggly, smart toddler who wakes me up every morning with more energy to start the day, than me. She starts our mornings calling out to me, "Mommy, up!"
My journey as a mom continues and changes each and every single day and I'm happy to know that there are many mothers out there who can relate to me, and I, to them.
As an older first-time mom, I can appreciate the struggles many mothers must go through. How do you ladies do it? Everyone from those who entered parenthood young and those who juggle multiple tasks taking care of several children! Kudos to all of you mamas out there!
Shopping and buying things for baby during the first few years can be daunting, let alone hectic. At Unicorn Baby, we strive to make it as simple as possible for you so you can go back to what matters most, your loving little gems. I've chosen products that I have tested and used myself so I stand by their quality. I hope to share with you the joy and convenience of using these products as you shop and select them.
If there are products that you'd like to see us carry, please send us a message either by email at info@unicornbaby.ca or through our Contact Us page.
Unicorns live here! Check out our whimsical collection of unicorns and unicorn-themed products for baby and mommy!