1. Do you provide free shipping?
Yes, free shipping applies to all purchases in Canada.
Please see our Shipping Policy page for terms and conditions.
2. What's your shipping policy for the USA?
Shipping charges apply to orders shipped to the USA. However, with an order of $100 USD, Unicorn Baby provides free shipping with tracking through USPS.
3. How are store special offers applied?
Unicorn Baby has ongoing special offers within a collection and/or site-wide. Please note that our offers and deals are stand-alone and cannot be combined with other current offers. 
4. Do you stock Size 3s and 4s in AppleCheeks covers?

We still have some size 3s available in St. Lucia and The Shark Side. If you are interested in purchasing these sizes, kindly leave us an email at info@unicornbaby.ca and we will arrange to bring them in for you.

These specialty cloth diaper covers are made especially for the Differently-Abled, fitting approximately 60-100lbs, for older children and teens. The new Extra Large inserts will also fit into both size 3 and 4 covers. Due to the size of these diapers, they will cost more than the regular AppleCheeks line-up.

They will be available in the following prints:

To The Core
Out of the Blue