Sustainable Yards

We are now closed for the 2019 season and are accepting inquiries for Spring 2020. If you would like to know more about the services we offer, please send us an email at 

TIP: Send us a photo of your yard/garden to help us provide a quote based on your requirements


During the warmer months, we turn our efforts to supporting the health of the environment. This is where Sustainable Yards come in. We help create gardens that are low maintenance and contribute to the overall Low Impact Development (LID) of residential yards. Our goal is to share this knowledge with urban setting residents and land owners by applying LID features into our garden designs.

Oh we love bees and butterflies too! So if you share our passion, we would love to work with you. More and more new developments mean stripping away the habitat for bees and butterflies. We can help you keep them in your neighborhood by providing garden designs that are pollinator-friendly.

Our team is passionate about the environment and our designer has worked in the environmental engineering field in the last 20 years. We understand and appreciate soil science. We would love to share and help you with your garden!

 Sustainable Yards is a subsidiary of Unicorn Baby Canada Inc.