Unicorn Baby

Gift Cards

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The perfect gift for the discerning mom or dad who wants to spoil their little jems with sustainable and eco-friendly products.

You can select from our colorful cloth diapers to our wooden toys!

How our Gift Cards work!

1. Select an amount and complete your purchase.

2. Send us a MESSAGE with the following information: 

  • FROM and TO whom the gift card is for
  • Email address of "giftee"
  • Your Message

You can send this message either through:

  • Facebook Messenger https://www.facebook.com/unicornbabycanada/
  • unicornbabycanada@gmail.com

2. Once order and message are received, Unicorn Baby will send the "GIFTEE" an email with this gift card and the code they will use to redeem the amount. There is no expiry date for this amount. The sender/gifter will also receive an email as "bcc" on this email gift card.

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