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Tru Earth

Tru Earth - Eco-Strips Laundry Detergent | Platinum - Fresh Linen

Tru Earth - Eco-Strips Laundry Detergent | Platinum - Fresh Linen

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PLATINUM - Advanced Heavy-Duty Cleaning Formula


Eco-strips have a significantly smaller eco-footprint than liquid, pod, or powder detergents. Its zero-waste packaging uses no plastic, and its light weight reduces transportation fuel consumption and carbon emissions by 94.75% compared to today’s leading brands.


Each strip of highly concentrated detergent only weighs just 3 g and packs more punch than traditional 40 g of premium liquid or powdered detergents. Experience heavy-duty cleaning that: • Removes the toughest stains

• No residuals left on clothes • Reveals vibrant colours
• Restores radiant whites


Tru Earth keeps things simple and convenient
with load control: 
1 strip for 1 load. The 94.75% smaller/lighter packaging makes eco-strips much easier to for consumers to transport and store

Features Advantages
• Reduced packaging
• No plastic or microbeads
• Zero waste
• Packaging doubles as an envelope
• 94% smaller, 94% less pollution, 100% less waste
• Easy to use
• Heavy-duty cleaning power
• Works well, no residue, clean clothes, smells great • No mess
• Saves space in the house, in transportation and on the shelves
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